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Freemate Headset DH-7C

Freemate DH-7C

Over–the-head style headset for mobile phone users
Long-wearing comfort with pliable and adjustable headband provides the best solution for durability and long life.


Freemate Headset DH-011T

Freemate DH-011T

Convertible from over-the-head to over-the-ear, NC microphone and quick disconnect.

Long-wearing Comfort

The superior flexibility of adjustable headband and T-bar provide ultimate comfort and stability.


Freemate Headset DH- 21TS

Freemate DH- 21TS

Long wearing comfort
The natural comfort adjustment by Headband\'s freely moving from up & down to right & left,

also flexible T-bar  
Freemate Headset DTR-275

Freemate DTR-275

Record all the conversation through telephone or microphone on the PC.
* Standalone recording solution for personal use. It enables you to record and playback conversations mode through corded telephone or mobile phone or microphone installed inside of the unit to your computer.

Freemate Headset DA- 171

Freemate DA- 171

Headset/Handset selection switch.
Major Functions
- Headset/ Handset selection switch
- Microphone polarity selection switch for exact compatibility of microphone.
- Mute switch for temporary call suspension.

No battery required

Freemate Headset DA-271T

Freemate DA-271T
* Managers and supervisors can listen-in and monitor calls of employees and agents while roaming the

 office with a wireless headset, accomplishing other tasks. As needed, they can return to their employee

 or agent and provide additional coaching or with the touch of a button, take over the call.

Freemate Headset DA- 475

Freemate DA- 475
Designed with very compact, sporty, refined and being well useful functions, provides the best call comfort to

the intensive users in big Call-center and Office as well as Home office.
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